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When you buy from Design 2 Change, you are advocating for people who are in disability and people who has limited mobility experiencing hand dexterity, athritis, small person with short limbs and wheelchairs users.

We focus in promoting inclusitivity, diversity, accessibility, functionality and dignity with beauty in adaptive world of fashion. We offer our adaptive fashion capsule wardrobe to any community wether it is for individual or commercial.

We believe in inclusivity and diversity in slow fashion while having to choose your own style and personal designs.

As we are a sustainable adaptive fashion label, our brand is ethically design with open easy access velcro and/or magnetic button especially for wheelchair users.

We In House Manufacturing all our adaptive garments at Design 2 Change Studio at Liverpool NSW Australia.

We are committed in sourcing 100% cotton and all natural fibre. As for trims we are continuously searching for an alternative options.

We offer you your first consultation by Zoom, Google Meeting or In Person for your Fitting Body Measurements and discuss further details of how to join into our Adaptive Capsule Wardrobe System.

Email Us for your booking at

Let us Design 2 Change your adaptive slow fashion for your own wardrobe collections.

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Awesome poncho!!! It fits me well couldn’t wait to get another style.

K. A. Vetter

Timeless style indeed. Beautiful Color and gorgeous crop top for summer. Thanks!

Jasmin Hasler

Great ponchos. I got it ASAP! Thanks..getting more soon.

Talha V.