Copy of About Us


When you buy from Design 2 Change, you are supporting your local business and your environment saving unwanted garment pieces from landfill . As we are a sustainable label, all of our pieces are sourced from natural fibre and handmade to order. Our seasonless approach is much more sustainable for our clients and for us as a brand. Our brand is ethically design and made at our local In House Studio. We applied our Pre - Order System as part of our brand label with Limited Edition. Meaning to say you can have the first small batch even before we finalise in displaying it online. You could be the first batch to have our collections for your wardrobe collections. Join Us on our facebook or Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter to receive an ogoing exclusive offer and discounts. Join Us!!!!


Our History

Hi I'm Mary Santos, sole owner and a main creator of Design 2 Change  As you can see my shadow taking photo of my first sewing studio. I thought to share my journey of how I started Design 2 Change...

In 2018 Design 2 Change was only an alteration and then the following year 2019 became a small production and custom made service at Belmore NSW. We have been supporting our clients by sharing our knowledge and experience in upcycling their own personalised garments. We had to open a sewing workshop for parents who are excited and motivated to save their garments and taught them how to do their own alteration.

Due to the current CoVid situation, Design 2 Change made the decision to close the studio at Belmore and move to Liverpool area. Since we gained our knowledge and experience in fashion and design, we finally change our business model and decided to do our own local clothing brand label.

At this current moment.........

Everything about Design 2 Change revolves around our commitment in taking care of our evey individual client while making sure they have their right fitting.

What we Do?

We give our clients an opportunities in personalising their own wardrobe collection and making sure that they can wear their precious garments for a lifetime until they decided to upcycle or do some alteration with it.

Alterations means Circular Slow Fashion

Yes .We do your alteration service. Everytime you buy our collections you have the opportunities as well to upcycle it. You do not have to throw it into the landfill. Saving our environment is our main part of what we believe and do.So yeah...Alteration is the way to go if you are an upcyclers and to become an eco fashionista!!!!!

How we source our fabric materials?

We are committed in ensuring that we only source sustainable fabric or natural fibre. So you will see while we make our collections on our facebook/instagram/pinterest that we are showing our chosen only 100% cotton, linen, hemp, bamboo, pineapple, banana, casava yeah...and many more to come......

Where do we manufacture our collections?

At this current moment, we are designing, creating, sketching, drawing, samplemaking, fabric cutting, sewing pre sale samples and final actual garments at Design 2 Change In House Studio here at our humble locall homebusiness at Liverpool NSW Australia. 

Who is behind Design 2 Change?

As a local clothing brand (homebusiness for fashion Slow Circular fashion)

I ,Mary Santos, main sole owner, creator, sewist and embroider and my two daughters Aatikah and Aasiyah Vetter(designer, digitiser, patternmaker,sewist assistants) who are continously gaining unending knowldge into the world of Fashion and Design Technology. 

We will in the future employ mothers who are transitioning to work and gained/acquired knowldege into our sewing workshop. We believe in transparency and giving every rights of all our future employees.

What is Pre Order =Sustainable Slow Fashion?

By definition, a pre-order refers to all orders taken prior to the start of apparel production. In other words, our clients pay us now for a product that they will receive post production. Additionally, we will only produce the quantity and sizes of the specific garments sold in advance. We save buying more we buy less...Because LESS IS MORE!!!! and we save our environment by not ending up our excess garments into the landfill. Pre-orders means where customers pay upfront for products they will receive weeks or even months later, are nothing new in fashion. For decades, designers have hosted trunk shows where customers can order from a collection weeks after it was shown on the runway but months before it hits stores or online stores.